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Our Delaware Franchise Tax is WHAT ?!?

Delaware has been preeminent as the place for businesses to incorporate since the early 1900s.  Close to a million business entities are domiciled in Delaware, including more than one-half of the corporations that make up the Fortune 500. Why do … Continue reading

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Obamacare: Required Notice to Employees

Under Obamacare, employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act must provide a “Notice of Coverage Options” to each employee, whether full-time or part-time and regardless of whether the employer is covered by an employer health care plan.  The purpose … Continue reading

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Officers of a Company can be Personally Liable for the Company’s Failure to Collect or Remit Sales Taxes

Under most state tax laws, the tax authority of the state has the option to pursue collection of unpaid sales taxes against any individual who has the authority within a company for the collection and remittance of the tax.  These … Continue reading

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