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How to Pierce the Corporate Veil

We often refer to the idea of  “piercing the corporate veil” at this blog.   Many small business owners and investors probably consider the threat too remote to worry about. However,  when lawyers are offered training courses on how to … Continue reading

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Non-compete Agreements

Many companies use non-compete agreements to prevent selected employees from using trade secrets, customer relationships, and commercially sensitive information to the competitive disadvantage of the employer after the employment relationship ends.   These non-compete agreements, sometimes drafted by experienced counsel but … Continue reading

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Corporation in a Can

It is impossible to describe the vastness or the richness of the Internet as a resource for individuals starting a new business.  Indeed, many new ventures, if not most, are themselves Internet businesses.   The efficiencies offered by the Internet are … Continue reading

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Have Foreign Affiliate? Beware NEW FBAR Rules.

On February 24, 2011, the Treasury Department issued new reporting rules, effective March 28, 2011, relating to the filing of an annual Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, commonly call an FBAR.  New Rules (PDF) Briefly, United States persons … Continue reading

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